This is the Fetch Park design. Obviously the large bone is the main feature here. It is intended as an area for dogs and owners to play fetch. It is set into the ground to keep balls generally in. There is also a raised area at the back to provide additional vertical variation for the dogs. This one is paired with a more ‘active; park area, with a playground for children and a ‘patio’ for eating (and perhaps preparing) food.

A few notes:

  • The bone shaped fetch area is set into the ground and should be filled with an appropriate material such as crushed granite
  • The playground looks a bit funny, but that is the model from the company, and I’m pretty sure its the same company that makes much of the other equipment in the neighborhood. It is from Berliner Seilfabrik and called Terrano.1250. It was chosen because the ‘sail’ designs mimic the shade structures, and because it looks cool.
  • The ‘kitchen’ on the ‘patio’ area is just there for the idea. The software didn’t have something more appropriate for a park
  • The plants include rosemary, which could create a nice smell (and make a good steak)

I will try and render a video later. However it estimated it would take an hour to render, so I’ll do it when I don’t need my computer for a while.

Fetch Park Top Down

Fetch Park 5

Fetch Park 6

Fetch Park 4

Fetch Park 3

Fetch Park 2

Fetch Park 1

Fetch Park 7

Fetch Park 8

Fetch Park 9

Fetch Park 10