A Lost Dog – A Lost Friend

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This year for Christmas, Junior and I went to my parents house. However, Junior was not feeling well, spending most of the time laying still and not moving much. When he didn’t get any better, I left early with my mom and we got Junior to the hospital. Once there they found that he wasn’t doing well at all. He … Read More

Junior’s Boots

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Junior started to develop arthritis very young – just 2 years old. As a result, he wasn’t very comfortable or stable on smooth surfaces. To help out with that, I got him some boots. Yes. They make dog boots/shoes. Quite a few of them.

Grandpa Reeves Recordings

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Long ago, my great-grandpa, Glen Reeves, cut a record! For real. He made one of the those big black disk things that you put on that funny spinning table thing and music came out. Somehow my parents ended up with the the last known “copy”. Literally a copy. It was a recording from the original record onto a tape. So, … Read More

Weekend in NYC

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[simage=29,200,n,left,] For work, I spent a week in upstate New York. We finished Friday afternoon, so I had the travel people fly me to NYC and leave me there till Sunday night so I could see the city. It was my first time in NYC and it was great. I took a red-eye Sunday night to get there. I only … Read More


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So, while I was in New York City, I wanted to eat at a really nice place. Find some food that I can’t find in Utah. I am also fascinated by some of the new food preparations found in molecular gastronomy, so I wanted to find somewhere that did that. After much research and many menu comparisons, I decided on … Read More